West Virginia's Chemical & Polymers Industry

Chemical Industry

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Chemical and polymer manufacturing in West Virginia is home to nearly 140 companies that employ 12,800 workers.

The state is ranked sixth in the share of overall gross domestic product that comes from chemicals and polymers and nearly 25 percent of the state’s $4.8 billion in international exports are chemicals and polymers.

Industry presence/growthChemical Alliance Zone

With four of the world's largest chemical firms and other chemical manufacturers in the Chemical Alliance Zone (CAZ), West Virginia is home to one of the highest concentration of chemical manufacturers in the world.

Polymer Alliance Zone

Find one of the highest concentrations of resin producers in the world in West Virginia's Polymer Alliance Zone
(PAZ). PAZ has one of the highest concentrations of high-technology, specialty and engineering polymers production in the world.

TechnologyAcademic and training programs

West Virginia is home to numerous industry-designed academic and training programs, including:

Other Technology

MATRIC MATRIC is an emerging center of excellence for research and innovation in the disciplines of chemistry and chemical products, biotechnology and biosciences and software systems, especially in the areas of confluence between two or more of these disciplines.

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West Virginia Advantages

  • West Virginia companies benefit from access to raw materials, specialized services, downstream customers and consumer markets
  • Twenty-three percent of the nation’s chemical and polymer manufacturing plants, producing 23 percent of all products, are within 250 miles or a half-day’s trucking distance; 71% of the products, are within 500 miles
  • Over 115,830 people with skills most in-demand by chemical and polymer companies, including machinery operators, chemists, engineers and related technicians
  • One of the nation’s lowest employee turnover rates
  • Low cost of doing business
  • Low utility rates

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